Long Gone & Lost: True Fictions and Other Lies

Long Gone & Lost: True Fictions and Other Lies by Bobby Horecka
Long Gone & Lost: True Fictions & Other Lies is the new story collection by author Bobby Horecka.

Picked a Finalist for the 2021 Sergio Troncoso Best First Book of Fiction Award given by the prestigious Texas Institute of Letters, it treads the oft fine line between true life and fiction, with several stories based at least in part on the writer’s own life and experience.

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Long Gone & Lost is a mélange, a mix of writing including fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry by a longtime journalist who knows how to whip sentences into shape. Perfect for post-virus reading at inland beaches.

– A. Rooney

A. Rooney is the author of The Autobiography of Francis N. SteinFall of the Rock Dove, and The Colorado Motel.

You might have a working man’s callused hands, the callused soul that only the mistreated know or the callused heart that comes with having yours shattered too many times. Everybody needs to catch an occasional break, or they risk becoming Long Gone & Lost…

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