So this is grad school. Part 2….

This is beautiful, trust me…


Haha! I had quite a few laughs reading your post.
But to elaborate on the title of the journal since I was a part of that discussion, it’s called Huizache (the Spanish version of huisache) because it’s considered a weed tree. People are always trying to get rid of them, yet they insist on taking root. It’s a metaphor for the voices in our journal, primarily Mexican American voices that often get rejected elsewhere. Or, think of it like this, most journals will carry 1 or 2 brown voices, quota filled. I once got rejected from a journal because two Lopezes happened to submit at the same time and they liked the other Lopez story better. I am not kidding. So we decided to reverse the ratio in our magazine, to give a field for the huizaches of the writing world to take root.

So here’s to the WEE satch of the writing world! Live long and prosper my friends…

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