The battles rage on…

Still battling computer problems so I hauled the big box in today. Gonna let the Geeks fight with it for a while. I’ve never been a real techno wizard. Not enough motor oil in it, I think.

Not that I’m exactly a mechanical genius or anything, but I can usually get a motor to turn over, at very least. If not, I have a pretty damn good idea as to why. Computer goes wonky on me, and I turn into a monkey trying to fuck a football, for all intents and purposes.

Using a tablet to type this up now, but despite it having an actual keyboard, I do believe it was designed with a kindergartener’s hand in mind. It’s about half the size of what I’m accustomed, and that’s giving it credit.

But at least I can keep writing this way. Not that I forgot how to use a pen, but it just takes longer:
1) I’d have to ultimately type it all again anyway at some point, and 2) I don’t know where I left off on what I started already.

I can access the cloud, where I saved it, with this. It usually helps if you can read a few lines to put you in the right voice, if nothing else. Got going on some good stuff yesterday and was really dreading the wait to Sunday, when the Geeks tell me the big box will be done.

So, short and sweet today. Gonna try and keep this up, for reals this time. Damn hard to call yourself a writer when all your stuff is buried on hard drive someplace. Stay tuned: I’m planning to start running excerpts here soon…