Darkness drowns indifferent n delectable

Please indulge me one day more
Antipathy gravy spoon-fed be spider
Rocket slowly damsel dreamer

The dearly departed
detestable deportees
defect indifferently
at Desdemona detour

deny the                          despondent
dire drivel      of        driveway debutants

yearning confounds the drip-dry-dripping
of heart strings rip-sliding-ripping
more a saw-grip-gnawing
impatient hands breast pawing
molest malevolent nip without mauling
take care to kiss delectable dewdrops
delicate velvet gypsy jasmine
just make sure she’s devoured
eternally inextinguishable
decipher the indistinguishable conscript
and let the soul sappers slalom
dance jig n schottische
respectfully irreverent
irrespective irrelevant

but to
a fault
were his
or so it
is said

i  f
g a g a good GOD
h  l
t   l
    so seductively silent its almost shameful

                               or at least

                                it should be.