Forty days and 40 nights…

That always seemed like one helluva long time to me, especially when you read about somebody like Noah, riding around with not just one but two rattlesnakes, cobras, skunks, scorpions, mosquitos, black widow spiders and those jackass hyenas, laughing at you every time you’ve got to clean a litter box.

Which is almost constant, what with the horses, elephants and hippopotami all sharing the same box to keep them from wandering aimlessly past the lions, tigers and bears, who seem to be getting right irate with the all-granola diet he was feeding them…

Damn unicorns did that the first week. Now he had to come up with good explanation for big boss, come accounting time…

Forty days. That’s what I have left. To finish the book, that is. Suddenly, it doesn’t seem so long.

I realize that may not align with previous timelines written on here, but call it kindness extended to me by my advisor in this process (who I would ask that keep in your prayers, for those of who do. I’ll tell you more about the situation she was handed recently in a later post, but let’s just say I’m learning just how bear-eat-unicorn and dog-gone-cannibal the world of academia can sometimes be).

You stay close in thoughts, Beverly. What’s say we eviscerate them in fiction? Just a thought…  

Anyway, I’ll try and keep you, my faithful readers, posted on my progress as I go. With the clock ticking, though, I’m not making lots of promises about anything just now. Time to buckle down…

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