Let there be stories…



And then there was what might someday soon be my first all-original book. Working title at very least. Not sure I’m 100 percent sold yet. In its current form, it tells 21 stories over at least three generations and 260 pages in 80,500 words.

I’m not entirely certain all of the them fit with the stories told throughout the collection or the precise order everything will fall just yet, so there’s plenty still left to do: Most notably in just making it less tome-like. But it is pretty cool to see it all printed and stacked there.

On the plus side, it left alone near every existing piece I had working in the can and branched of into some previously uncharted territory. It was kind of exciting to see where the stories carried me and how they ultimately align to tell a much larger overall story. At least I hope. Tis the aim, anyhow. We’ll see, I suppose.

So a question I’ve fielded a lot already: What’s it about?

Well, it being a collection of linked but separate stories, that’s a lot harder question to answer than it may seem. I think it’s best summed up as such: Beauty, like shit, is in the eye of the beholder. These stories chronicle how one family came to terms with both, the beauty and shit, as it came along, and how those dealings might’ve tempered some of their perspectives along the way.

And after thirty some years of “gonna get tuits eventually someday,” it’s as close to a tuit as I’ve ever gotten thus far. So ready for it to be done, though. When you hear folks say that such things can be unbelievable amounts of work, you wouldn’t believe what I’ve already put into it and what still lies ahead.

Just thought I’d share. I know I haven’t been too incredibly up to date in the postings of late. Here was why… Long Gone & Lost, with luck, headed to book store near you sometime late this year or early next. Author-ized in 2018!

But it’s happenin’ y’all…



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