Say it ain’t so: Sundance TV not renewing ‘Hap & Leonard’ series?

Over the past two weeks, fans have been rallying around another show that appears to be on the brink of death: Sundance TV’s East Texas–set Hap and Leonard. The series—a rural noir about a middle-aged crime-fighting odd couple and their battles against murderous preachers, the Ku Klux Klan, and all manner of corrupt and semi-corrupt lawmen—completed its third season on April 11, and despite strong ratings, it has yet to be renewed for a fourth. “A lot of people are nervous about whether it will happen or not,” Joe R. Lansdale, executive co-producer and author of the book series said.

Those of you NOT aware should know that Lansdale should be on the top of the reading list for Outlaw Authorz fans. In addition to the Hap and Leonard series, he’s also an award-winning and Mojo Storyteller in cowboy westerns, horror stories and general/fantasy fiction genres.

Among the faithful, there is a sense that Hap and Leonard isn’t just worth bringing back because it’s beautifully acted and fun to watch and full of crackerjack action sequences, but because it has something important to say. Check out the full write-up in Texas Monthly magazine now. Or hear from the author himself on Twitter…