Finally! It wasn’t another a rejection…



I don’t even want to admit to how many rejections I’d accrued since mid-February when I started hearing back from the various submissions I’d sent along to various literary magazines, journals and contests all over the globe. I was actually getting as many as seven and eight nos each day.


So when the letter finally came late this evening saying one of the pieces I submitted was actually going to print, I was even sure what to do next.

I’d gotten so accustomed to the Dear BoB letters, we’re so happy you chose us to send your work, but what the hell were you on when you wrote this. We sure as hell ain’t printing, but we thank you for giving as good laugh, just the same…


Isn’t that form letter they send everyone?

No actually, most have very nice in telling your work is going to live its life on your hard drive. You’d be damned impressed just how many different ways somebody can tell you your stuff sucks, and never once say as much. Some were so nice, in fact, I actually had had ask the missus if she was getting the same I was. Thank you for playing. Now go away.

The cover about is a couple of years old, obviously. I have no idea what cover for the coming edition might look like. I just know this: somewhere in its pages it will have your favorite litera-redneck, the Outlaw of Author, stowed away someplace inside its pages.

Alchemy is a literary magazine published by Portland Community College in Portland, Ore. And as I’ve already been asked, the payment for said content is a nice round figure. Seriously, it is: $0…

They’ll be sending copies of the magazine when it prints. I don’t even know how many I’ll get…

The piece that won was a poem I wrote as a temporary distraction between story writing while working on my book Long Gone & Lost. Right there toward the end stretch. You can only imagine how surprised I was they started tossing words around like “thought-provoking.”

I called it “Why You (Dis)sin?” As soon as it publishes I’ll likely share it here. I just don’t to get this close and disqualify myself days before it goes to press. Stay tuned for more, and thanks all of you, for your loyal readership…

Between finally published and the new adornments, I’d say it was a capital weekend, if ever there were.

I’ve turned 45 last November¬† and know for a fact, I spent the bulk of it studying one thing or another, my whole life. This my very first graduation ring, ever.




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