These two really need to get out on the road more…


Bobby and Vic Morgan

Your favorite Outlaw and UHV President Vic Morgan on Friday, April 27.



Sometimes you can just look at a dude and tell by the pale, pitiful sight of him, he needs a lot more handlebar time than he’s been putting in. This picture is proof positive for not just one fellow, but two. And sadly, my money is on the elder beating the younger to the punch…

UHV president and fellow biker Vic Morgan shook a lot of hands Friday night at the university’s ring ceremony event held Friday, April 27, one of many such long, drawn-out events I’m sure he’s looking forward to NOT having to do any more once he retires this year.

And if the pale, pallid complexions on these two is any indicator, it is none too soon.

A few hours of watching life go by on two wheels needs to be in the game plan for both of them. And soon.

Something a lot of folks my not know about Dr. Morgan is that in addition to captaining the UHV ship through unprecedented expansions in student numbers and facilities these last few years (and quite a few more years besides at Sul Ross before coming here, he’s also an avid motorcyclist, something he intends to do a lot more of once his retirement officially begins, he confided to me recently.

Although he said he’s always he’s always admired the Harley Davidson, His ride of choice is and always has been from the touring bike lines of BMW.

Sadly, he stands a far more likely chance of getting some daylight on him than the Outlaw might even dream about. With a book due soon and more classes to teach and/or take over summer, the Outlaw might fit a short ride or two on the weekend

But that’s about it for the next few months, from the looks of it.