Una mas cervesa, por favor…


Why? Because who couldn’t use another beer? And because another story from a book not even finished yet just landed another placement in another literary publication…

And this one, never before seen by a single soul, written all of three weeks ago about a kinder, gentler time, when innocence might sometimes wander astray, yet remains somehow, innocent as they come. This piece, “The Legend of Chunk,” I receieved word mere hours ago, was selected to appear in what will be the first-ever anthology put out by the Central Texas Writers Society.

Added to “Lubbock 1974,” which should appear in the October issue of Amarillo Bay, put out by the University of South Carolina, and “Mr. Man Candy,” which appeared (with full audio) in the May 2018 edition of Bluestem Magazine, put out by Eastern Illinois University, that brings total publications from the book I’m writing for my MFA to three. Total new literary pubs (stories and poetry) to nine, since the first piece got accepted in May 2018.

So, here’s to another one, and, hopefully, many many more.

And hey, sensuous… Yeah, you… since-you-was up, mind grabbing me that beer?