Meet the Members: Bobby Horecka

“Get involved. Just do it. Much like those stories don’t write themselves, this organization is exactly as useful as you make it.”

— Bobby Horecka on WLT

A member of the Writers’ League since April 2016, Bobby lives in Victoria.

Scribe: In what genre(s) do you write?

Bobby Horecka: Just about every genre, really. My most pressing project right now is completing a short story collection for my MFA thesis project in the University of Houston-Victoria’s creative writing program. Once that’s finished, I plan to jump back on one of three novels I have in progress. The farthest along falls under the crime thriller heading — it’s completely fiction but based, in part, on a real news story I covered a few years back. For a change of pace, I might tinker a bit on one of the two poetry collections I’ve been building for a few years.

I’ve written everything that’s ever found its way into a newspaper: News stories, features, columns, editorials, ad copy, obits, classifieds, Santa letters… you name it. I worked newspapers large and small across Texas for 25 years—even picked up a few awards along the way, from Texas regional on up to national press groups—before I went back to school to try my hand at something a bit different. My last news post was as field editor for Texas Agriculture (a semimonthly news tab) and Texas Neighbors, a quarterly features magazine. Both were published by the farm bureau in Waco, where I also wrote a weekly news column for the Waco Tribune Herald, dabbled a bit in video for the bureau’s RFD-TV Network shows, and recorded many interviews for their statewide radio news programming. I’ve also ghostwritten speeches, legal briefs, legislation, how-to manuals, proclamations, issue talking points, and formal letters, and have lent my pen to a few election campaigns. I’ve helped research and write a good half dozen scholarly books and articles, and I authored and edited a locally published pictorial history book on the 75th anniversary of a state institution in 2008. Oh yeah: In my free time, I also teach college essay writing and developmental English classes at Victoria College. I’m particularly fond of the narrative essay, and I’d like to try my hand at some book-length literary nonfiction at some point in the future…


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