Outlaw stories getting a revival on Down in the Dirt…

Got notified today that two previously published Bobby Horecka stories will be running again, this time in the May /June 2019 edition of Down in the Dirt literary magazine…

Mr. Man Candy | The Legend of Chunk

Two of our reader favorites, both on https://OutlawAuthorz.com/ and on Horecka’s blog, On Boots, Bars and Motorbikes…

The are now part of Down in the Dirt literary magazine!

“Mr. Man Candy,” both the text story and a full audio version read by the author were first published in the May 2018 Bluestem Magazine, put out by English faculty at the University of Eastern Illinois in Charleston, Ill., since 1968.

“The Legend of Chunk,” one of the newest fiction pieces written, ran in the Central Texas Writer’s Society’s inaugural 2018 anthology, published in group of literature and art lovers from Copperas Cove, TX.

Both stories will also appear in the much awaited story collection Horecka has been working on for his final MFA thesis project at the University of Houston-Victoria (TX), entitled Long Gone & Lost: True Fictions and Other Lies… 


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