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“Forget the Alamo”

“Forget the Alamo,” a Bobby Horecka story about the temperamental world of newspapers, is featured in the latest Ocotillo Review V.3.1, the Winter 2019 edition, whose third year begins with the February 2019 publication by Kallisto Gaia Press. It is also featured in Long Gone & Lost.

“Mr. Man Candy”

When was the last time you heard a grown man performing the part of a geriatric Playboy Bunny whose libido rivals that of a 17-year-old in the backseat of a Buick trying to wrench open that zipper on the back of the prom queen’s gown?

That’s far too long. But trust me, we’ve got you covered . . .

First published in May 2018 Bluestem Magazine, put out by English faculty at Eastern Illinois University. An Excerpt from “Mr. Man Candy” also appeared in Down in  the Dirt Magazine (May/June 2019 Edition, Vol. 164) A Scars Publication, edited by Founder Janet Kuypers, a Chicago-based author and poet. It is also featured in Long Gone & Lost.