Possum killin’… (Part 2)

You met my dog, Hico, in my last installment. We were talking about how you could pick up on all sorts of things from a dog's bark, if you learned how to listen. And as promised, allow me to introduce said possum. (Don't get too attached to him.) Here's where we left off: There’s the … Continue reading Possum killin’… (Part 2)

Excerpt from ‘Mr. Man Candy’

A work in progress by Bobby Horecka, Outlaw Extraordinaire Now before you start calling me a straight up asshole, you’ve got to understand how we two first met. Not that what you might call me matters much. I been called worse. A lot worse. Today, even. If the boot fits, I always like to say, … Continue reading Excerpt from ‘Mr. Man Candy’

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