Bobby Horecka, Journalist

Texas Agriculture, May 2008
Riders of the River

They may seem right out of the Old West, but truth is, these fellows are our real first line of defense against invading terrorists. If you’ve ever eaten a hamburger, they are, anyway. This won AFBF’s Best News Story in 2009.

Mexico & Costa Rica, Texas Agriculture, April 18, 2008
Published in Texas Agriculture, April 2008
Mexico & Costa Rica

Just as Texas livestock officials stopped a load of Canadian cattle bound for Mexico at the Rio Grande, livestock leaders from the Lone Star State headed south into Central America to meet with their counterparts, meetings that ended a near decade-long ban on live cattle trade from the United States.

Voter Turnout Editorial

Ever get sick and tired of people bragging about something that ain’t all that? I did. Then I wrote this. I’ve seen it pirated a few times now, but it managed to catch the Texas Press Association’s eye for Best Editorial in 2005.

Texas Agriculture April 16, 2010 cover
Triumph Over Tragedy

But every once in a while, it can be so much more. Published in Texas Agriculture, the Waco Trib and by The Associated Press.

Cover Texas Agriculture, March 6, 2009
Dry Times, Hard Times

Originally aired on the RFD-TV Network Produced and Narrated by Texas Farm Bureau’s Ed Wolff with writing, Interviews, and videography by Bobby Horecka.

It wound being the most costly drought in Texas history, but sometimes it’s not so much the money involved as it is the people. This story, it’s video companion and the website they launched won a trio of AFBF bests in 2009.

Tranquil Beach Scene
Beach Trip Tragedy Hits Home

It’s not every day one finds poetry on a news page, but for this particular story, it just seemed appropriate. I wrote this piece while serving as managing editor in Sealy, TX, USA. It got voted Texas Press Association’s Best News Story in 2005.

Staring Down the Storm

Hurricane Ike put a hurt on the Lone Star State back when he blew through, shutting the lights out on nearly half Texas for at least week. But none had it near as dark as one young county agent, fresh out of college, still finding his way around the new job, and leery as hell of a redneck reporter who arrived on his stoop one day. He later told me they read these words when they named him agent of year in College Station…


Sometimes all you need is a good burger to get right with the world. I didn’t write this but I’m proud to say, it was written about me in Forbes.